Top 6 phrases that cannot be spoken to a child


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According to experienced teachers, during conversations with children should be careful and do not allow yourself to say some phrases.

At least forget the following 6:

1. Excessive praise. If you praise the child for the most insignificant things, then the very meaning of it dissolves. It should be used only in cases where praise is actually deserved.

2. "Come quickly!" In no way can you speed up the process if you issue such angry remarks. They just give out your irritation. The child may be upset or confused and start doing the work even more slowly.

3. "But the father will return, and show you what's what!" Some mothers use the figure of the father as a deterrent, not realizing that they themselves undermine discipline in relations with the child. Firstly, the mother in front of the children thus shows her own inconsistency as an educator. And secondly, the father may not "show" for a number of reasons: then your threat will also be empty.

4. Threats. If you blackmail children, you can work out a conditioned reflex: you can't do that, otherwise they will punish me. Subsequently, the fear of punishment will weaken and the child may be seduced by the offense. It would be much more sensible to reasonably convey your point of view: children do not understand so quickly, but they will be able to understand why something should not be done.

5. To set an example of an older brother / sister, a friend’s son, a friend. Comparisons of this kind do not motivate, but annoy and make you feel jealous. The child will cease to try, because "the son of mom's girlfriend" still remains the best in everything.

6. Please leave alone. With regard to children, this phrase is clearly unacceptable. The child begins to think that is not important enough for you and causes irritation. Over time, he will stop bothering you and will begin to seek help and advice from outsiders. Between you and the child will begin to form an abyss, which every day will be more difficult to overcome.

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