Top 7 Parenting Secrets You'll Not Read Anywhere


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There are such things that it is not customary to write about in serious psychological-pedagogical works, but in real life they are certainly present.

The main 7 parental secrets that you will not learn from the literature:

1. You have the right to a hobby. Raising children does not mean that you should put an end to your development and entertainment. You still have the right to personal hobbies that are not related to upbringing and domestic responsibilities. Distribute responsibilities in your family in such a way that not only one parent will be immersed in life, and the second will reap the rewards.

2. Proper nutrition. It is laid from an early age in order to form a habit. Do not allow grandparents to violate your rules, "feeding" harmful products – chips, sweets, junk food.

3. Rest. The fact that you are a mom or dad does not mean that you have to watch your child every day 24/7. Set personal boundaries so that the child understands that you should not disturb you in moments of rest.

4. Children need to get used to independence. As you know, hyper-care does not lead to good results. Gradually instill in the child the ability to be independent: to perform their duties, lessons alone.

5. You can afford to say no. It is not necessary to go in all directions towards the children and to fulfill their every whim. You may well refuse for reasonable reasons: you just have to bring your motivation to the child.

6. Get angry – fine. Everyone experiences feelings and they are far from always positive. You may be angry with children if they somehow did something wrong or disappointed you. There is nothing reprehensible in such anger, the main thing is to control oneself.

7. Every parent sometimes loses his temper. You went too far, lost your temper, shouted heartily, and then executed yourself for lack of restraint? It is not necessary: ​​every living person sometimes loses patience and this is normal. We are not perfect. Let the child see you as you are, not as who you are trying to be. Children intuitively feel the falsity and intricacy.

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