Touch the upbringing of children 2 3 years

In the years since In Touch exclusively revealed that Josh Duggar was once investigated for — touch the upbringing of children 2 3 years admitted to — molesting his younger sisters when he was underage, the walls around the Duggars’ church and religious upbringing have started to come down. On March 22, a woman took to reddit to do an AMA about her upbringing, and the most shocking moment came when someone asked when she started questioning the church.

There really wasn’t one concrete ‘oh s–t’ moment,” she explained. But the first time I remember thinking ‘this is BS’ was how often people would be ‘sentenced’ to hell for the most trivial reasons. Her mother insisted divorce was “never okay,” even if her husband beat her to a pulp. You pray for him and ask the Lord to help him see the error of his ways,” said the mom. Recent scandals have hit the news about the cult leader Bill Gothard when over 50 women came forward with allegations that he sexually harassed them. But that’s only scratching the surface. First off, throughout my childhood, my father and sisters abused me sexually.

For the next two years, I am tortured, brainwashed, starved, sleep-deprived, threatened with a shotgun, punished, humiliated, interrogated, and terrorized. And with all the horrific details the redditor experienced, this was said to be only the tip of the iceberg. The scariest part of all of this is that I am far from the only one. All of these programs secretly tortured and brainwashed children and teenagers. Of course, since the post was made three years ago, Gothard and his followers have gotten mainstream press — including when he “treated” Josh Duggar following news that he cheated on his wife, Anna. Despite this, Gothard and his organizations are still going strong — even with more eyes on their work. Bill Gothard and IBLP simply have their fundamentalist hands in too many pies.

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