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Soviet childhood is the most carefree and happy time, which has always remained in the heart of most people.

Already being adults and having their own children, many cannot part with their toys. They can be stored in different parts of the house and move to a new place of residence with their mature owners. Year after year, toys multiply their value in the eyes of their owners and become a kind of family rarity.

Toys for crumbs

At the Soviet factories were developed hypoallergenic toys for very young children:

Cubes. Many parents diligently developed their children, so the cubes with letters and numbers were practically in every family. The task of some sets consisted of a collection of a single image, parts of which were glued on different cubes.
The pyramid. Another invention for development, which is a vertical axis and several rings of different diameters, which had to be strung from larger to smaller.
Dolls Of course, it was not Barbie and no dolls with porcelain faces. All models were made of rubber and plastic. Externally, the dolls were cute, so they immediately became the favorite toys of girls who took them everywhere with them.
Tumbler. Everyone knows her for the reason that this toy was in almost all kindergartens. Everyone tried to touch the pretty girlish face over the orange ball in order to shake it stronger.
Yula This is a wonder toy that needs no introduction. The top has been repeatedly upgraded, which made it possible to see during the rotation either snowflakes, or prancing horses with riders. The most enchanting version was Yula with sparks.

Toys for girls

Starting from kindergarten, girls were trained for adulthood. That is why habitual household things in a reduced size became the main toys:

kitchen furniture;
table service;
hairdresser's set;
stroller with a doll.

Toys for boys

In Soviet times, boys from the youngest years were instilled with various courageous character traits, so the toys were appropriate. Top most enviable toys looked something like this:

a set of soldiers;
military equipment (tanks, guns);

Educational toys

Toys that allow you to more actively develop intelligence, even more taught perseverance, which is not characteristic of children. If the house became quiet, then most likely the child played:

in tag;
Rubik's Cube;
bending snake.

A special category included expensive toys that were far from being common to all:

table hockey;
car with working pedals and headlights;
electronic game "Well, wait!".

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