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For more information and training kids to love writing register go here. Listen to Our Award-Winning, Youth Produced Radio Show: KIDS FIRST! WHAT PARENTS SAY ABOUT THEIR KIDS FIRST!

I loved what I saw them do in having young people review our films, and I was so impressed with the kids’ thoroughness and skill in reviewing films. And I loved the media exposure Ranny and KIDS FIRST! When my twin girls came of age I knew I wanted them to go to KIDS FIRST! Film Critics Boot camp and learn the trade. Why I put my child in KIDS FIRST!

My son loves the art of film making. He used to watch me edit videos and he took a genuine interest. When he watches a movie or a show, he always had an opinion. He also like being in front of the camera. So when I saw they were going to do a KIDS FIRST! Boot Camp in NY, I signed him up.

What he got out of the boot camp was more confidence to be able voice what he did or didn’t like about a film, DVD or anything. Film Critics for a year now and she is loving it! Jolleen gets to do so many wonderful things that she has never done before. She has met a lot of new people, watched a lot of films, and she has improved in her writing as well as with her social interaction. Jolleen is very grateful to be a part of KIDS FIRST! Love talking about the latest films?

Envision yourself talking on the Red Carpet? Film Critics are the best recognized youth reporters in the country. Film Critics attend press screenings, red carpets and other press events surrounding the release of a new film, TV show, webseries and similar. You can join our national team by taking our remote training program. Click here for details on our remote training course. For more information about our summer boot camps go here. Adult Jury Parents, teachers and other concerned adults, we invite you to join our adult jury.

Fill out our Volunteer Form Here. Send us a sample review of any current film, rated PG-13 or younger. Kids: Too busy to join our Film Critics? Read our tips on creating reviews. For active KIDS FIRST Jurors, adults and kids. Here are some bios of current Adult Jurors.

Here are some of our current KIDS FIRST Film Critics. I wanted to give KIDS FIRST! Abigail Zoe Lewis has been a KIDS FIRST! I remember Abigail first meeting with Ranny and how warm, excited and supportive she was to have Abigail as a KIDS FIRST!

I remember the six week Boot Camp training course and how she personally helped each of the kids in our group have a voice, feel confident and feel that their voice mattered. Two years later, we see tremendous growth in Abigail’s reporting, particularly in being more articulate and poised. For Abigail, as a professional actress, this is something that we sincerely hoped for and your KIDS FIRST! Abigail achieve these goals in addition to becoming a seasoned junior reporter and film critic. Justin Timberlake, Shakira, Kevin Hart, Zoey Duschenel, Weird Al Yankovic, Bella Thorne and many other major and top entertainment talents. Traveling to British Columbia, Canada this year to go behind the scenes for the up and coming movie, Pup Star: 2Gether was AWESOME!

We are thrilled and honored that you have made possible Abigail’s and your other kids’ reviews to be featured and published across so many platforms. Family Show was specifically because of her reporting work for KIDS FIRST! As any parent, we love when our child is happy and feel good with who they are. Abigail something very special personally and professionally in her heart. Thank you Ranny for all you do and for giving kids a voice in this world where kids’ voices matter and can make a difference! Fondly, David Lewis, Parent More from Parents Read more about what the KIDS FIRST! For more information and to register go here.