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Everyone knows that toys play a pivotal role in the development of children. And, of course, toys in our time, a great abundance, for every taste. But it is important to remember that toys should be carefully selected, taking into account the age group of the child, what exactly this toy will develop and, of course, individual characteristics and inclinations.

The type of toy can be: fully finished, play. For example: dolls, cars, steamboats, dolls, etc. Those. something that does not require any special actions from the child (for example, to lay down a toy or a mosaic). Semi finished, which requires the child of any action in relation to its assembly. For example: razukrashki, various magazines in which you want to cut pictures. And finally, toys that are in themselves material. For example: paper, clay, cardboard, etc.

Each of these types of toys has its own specific function and has its own positive and negative sides. The finished toy is a huge scope for the imagination of the child. In children, such things have always developed a living mind. Playing with dolls, girls present them to their daughters or girlfriends, playing with cars, the guys imagine a real traffic. Thus, such toys allow children not only to develop their imagination, but also to try themselves in different social roles that are not yet available to them (mother, driver, etc.). The disadvantage is that children break such toys very quickly or they get tired of them quickly, which can develop their careless attitude to things. Therefore, children should be taught to take care of their toys from early childhood.

Semi-finished toys develop a fantasy and logic at the same time in a child. They give space to the imagination, but at the same time they keep his thinking in a certain direction, since they have certain rules of the game (for example, cut the picture strictly along the designated contour). The disadvantage is that children like this usually get tired quickly, so it’s better to alternate like toys.

And finally, the third type of toys, which, of course, is the most productive. The child develops finger movement, which is directly related to the development of thinking. Creative skills are improved and love of work grows, proximity to culture appears. Also, based on such toy materials, it is easy to determine what your child is interested in and why he has more inclinations.

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