Unconventional drawing technique with children 6 years

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It’s hard to envision the future without the presence of nanotechnologies. Manipulating matter unconventional drawing technique with children 6 years an atomic and sub-molecular level has paved the way for major breakthroughs in chemistry, biology, and medicine.

Yet, the unfolding applications of nanotechnology are far broader and more diverse than what we’ve imagined. 1980s, the field of nanotechnology might have remained science fiction. With its atomic precision the STM has enabled physicists to study the structure of matter in a way that was impossible with conventional microscopes. The astonishing potential of STM was demonstrated by researchers at IBM when they created A Boy and His Atom, which was the world’s smallest animated film. It was produced by moving individual atoms on a copper surface. The 90-second movie depicts a boy made of carbon monoxide molecules playing with a ball, dancing, and bouncing on a trampoline.

1000 the size of a single human hair. The global expenditure for oil exploration has risen exponentially during the past decade. However, efficiency in oil recovery has remained a major issue. When petroleum companies shut down an oil well, less than half of the oil in the reservoir is extracted.