Unwanted children: what parents need to know


Unwanted children what parents need to know


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The birth of a child, most people consider the most important and happy event in their lives, and this is absolutely justified.

Such an event is really significant. It radically changes the life of new parents. Babies should be welcome. They need to grow in love. However, this is not always the case, and there are unwanted children in the world, whom their parents did not expect and did not want.

What kind of children can be called unwanted?

As a rule, the undesired is a baby, whose birth the father and mother did not plan and did not want to, but the pregnancy happened, and either she didn’t have enough strength or capabilities to interrupt her. If in the process of carrying a love for the future newborn did not appear, then after birth it may not appear. Then this crumbs will really be treated as unloved, and this, of course, will reflect on him not the best way.

These people can be divided conditionally into two categories: they didn’t want one because they appeared, so to speak, by chance, while others were simply born of the wrong gender.

For example, if the family already has two boys, then most likely the parents want a girl for the third time. Predict or plan it is impossible. If mom and dad are seriously tuned only to their daughter, then a born boy can be a big disappointment for them and a completely unwanted child.

What threatens an unwanted child?

Often, problems in adults appear because they were undesirable in childhood. Growing up, such children look at the whole world exclusively through the prism of their uselessness. After all, they are very clearly aware of it. Unwanted children lose love, they see that they are not needed by anyone, and this is reflected in their worldview, feelings and actions.

Unwanted children not only can feel completely unnecessary and depressed. They may have other serious psychological problems that will become more serious and dangerous in adulthood. Getting rid of them every day will be more difficult. It needs to be aware of.

Are all unplanned children unloved?

However, it is not necessary to rank all unwanted children as unloved. After all, often unplanned children then become the meaning of their parents' lives and literally a ray of light for them. Just love for a child may not come immediately, but during pregnancy or after parents take the newborn in their arms.

If a woman accidentally became pregnant and decided to give birth, she should get used to the idea that she will have a baby. She should help her maternal instinct to open up and with all her heart try to make her child the happiest. You can and should set yourself up for this.

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