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Usually men want children. After all, it is their pride, procreation. But it also happens that you have been married for a long time, and the husband still does not dare to become a father, does not want a child.

What to do, men are less susceptible to emotions and tend to calculate everything in advance. Perhaps he simply fears that he will not pull financially to increase the family.

But if everything is in order here, then his unwillingness to change the established course of life is pure egoism. But we women are wise creatures. Therefore, we will try to understand the reason for the doubts of her beloved husband and make it so that the man himself is happy to make the most important decision in his life.

Let's wait a little

In principle, your man is not against acquiring offspring, but constantly postpones this moment. Perhaps he is afraid of small children, is lost and does not know what to do with them.

Often go to visit friends who have kids. Let the husband with you choose gifts and gifts for children.

Offer to play with the older guys or hold the baby in your arms. Help your husband get closer to the world of children.

Probably, the fears in his head will be dispelled, and the example of happy families with kids will make the moment of the heir's appearance narrow-minded.

We don't have enough money

This option is more difficult, because after buying a house or apartment you will need a new car, then something else, and there before hand to retire you can give it a hand.

Maybe you have too many claims against her husband and he is wary that with the advent of the heir he will not be able to provide the former standard of living?

Review your requirements and convince your husband that you will be able to dispose of finances as it should.

After all, the saying "God gave the child, will give and on the child" did not appear on an empty place. With the birth of a baby from parents, there is a growing desire to earn more and correctly allocate their budget.

If you look around, you will see many couples with children who have significantly improved their quality of life after the birth of babies.

Do not talk about your desire to have a baby all the time. A man needs time to think, to weigh everything.

I am not ready

If, after all your efforts, the man is still "not ready", then we can conclude that he is an egoist.

That is, even for you, he is not able to sacrifice anything. He does not want to take responsibility.

Does not want to change the usual way of life. Does not want to earn more. He probably loves you. But myself – more. And here it is up to you to decide whether such a man is needed nearby.

Our mistakes

1. One of the many mistakes a woman makes is “accidental pregnancy.”

Husband can not forgive deception, and then you will remain a single mother. Respect for the opinion of a loved one is an important component of a strong marriage.

2. Excessive perseverance.

Instead of the desired result, you risk getting an irritable husband. Conflicts and scandals do not strengthen relationships.

3. Attempting to change a spouse.

Usually ends in nothing. A person changes only when he wants it. But the water wears away the stone. Therefore, if you approach the issue with all female wisdom, everything should work out.

And further. If you love your husband and feel that he will be a good father, and he, in turn, cannot explain his reluctance to have a child, try to contact a psychologist. It happens that children's resentment or excessive perfectionism prevent him from making a decision.

If your husband grew up without a father and was raised by one mom, there is a chance that he is afraid not to cope with the new role. And with your support you are able to instill in him self-confidence.

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