Utensils for children in English

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Religious objects: candeliers, censers, candles, tabernacles, baptismal fonts, blessing crosses, pectoral crosses, cross towers, stand cross, dichir and trichir. Icons in wooden frames, diptych, place icons, wedding icons, icons painted utensils for children in English wood, box icons, icon laminated, triptych. Stiliyan’ is a company specialised in the trading and manufacture of church plates, furniture, accessories and icons. We can offer everything you would need to furnish a church, a chapel or a monastery.

CD, books, necklaces, bracelets, rosary, and clothes. Purveyors of fine liturgical incense, charcoal, vigil lamps, lamp oil, and other liturgical items from Orthodox monasteries around the world. Offers Orthodox products supplied from the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, icons, pottery, candles and paraffin wax, silver, incense, charcoal, oils, incense, prayer beads, bracelets, holy water, candlesticks, lamps and church utensils. Logos is the first Christian Orthodox bookstore having as its aim to offer the complete collection of existing Christian Orthodox books, audio and video material in English, French, Dutch and Russian. Through this website you will have the opportunity to meet the Athonite products from your home, find quality handmade primarily by monks and monasteries of the Holy Mount Athos. Offers a selection of Orthodox Church supplies for clergy and laypeople. Wooden and wax icons, bronze censers, oil lamps, tabernacles, blessing crosses, pectoral crosses, cross towers, stand cross and boxes.

Items on offer can be used in churches, at home, for gifts, wedding and baptisms. A catalog of Orthodox Church supplies for clergy and laypeople including icons, sanctuary items, crosses, books, vestments, as well as handmade gifts including ceramics, fused glass and many other handcrafted items. The proceeds go directly to help the ministry of St. Book publishing, calendars with religious content and icon productions, memorial items and incense by focusing on serving the needs of Orthodoxy. Books, icons, music, films and various articles for Orthodox home. Vestments, holy shrouds, khorugv banners, liturgical kits, eagle rugs, epitrachelions decorated with patterns in machine embroidery, etc. Romanian Orthodox tradition, culture and spirituality.