Valentina Isaeva: what happened to the girl who became a mother at the age of 11 & nbsp


Valentina Isaeva what happened to the girl who became a

In the middle of the zero, the story of Vali Isaeva didn’t know unless the one who did not have a TV. When the 11-year-old Muscovite gave birth to a child from an adult citizen of Tajikistan Habib Patakhonov, the whole country divided into two camps: some claimed that Patakhonov deserved the most severe punishment, others were confident that lovers could create a normal family.

How it all happened

The childhood of Valentina Isaeva can hardly be called joyful. His own mother abandoned the girl, and his stepfather, who suffered from alcoholism, soon died. Therefore, the grandmother Antonina Zenkina was engaged in raising Valentina. In order to feed herself and the child, Zenkina was lost at work all day and night. But the money was still not enough. And then an elderly woman decided to rent a room, the tenant of which was 18-year-old Tajik citizen Habib Patakhonov.
Schoolgirl Valentina and Habib spent a lot of time together. According to the lovers, when it came to intimate intimacy, none of them suspected that she could end in pregnancy. However, that is exactly what happened. In 2005, thanks to the media, the whole country learned about an 11-year-old girl who was expecting a child.
Isaeva and Patakhonov assured journalists that they love each other and will definitely register their relationship officially. Valentine tearfully asked not to deprive Habib of freedom. As a result, the young man got off with 3 years of probation. And soon after the birth of their daughter, Amina, Valentina and Habib did indeed sign.

Birth of a son and the breakup of a family

Thanks to the press, Russians continued to follow the fate of Valentina Isaeva and her elect. It seemed that they really found their happiness. Amina was growing up. Valentina graduated from high school and entered college where she received a managerial degree. And after 9 years, the family announced replenishment: Isaeva and Patakhonov had a son, Amir. Then even some skeptics believed in the sincerity of the feelings of the modern “Romeo and Juliet”. However, they all calmed down as a new scandal broke out in the media.
On one of the television shows, Valentina Isaeva stated that Habib Patakhonov left home and kidnapped their youngest child. According to Isaeva, the spouse has not once raised his hand to her, so she decided to divorce Patakhonov and tie up her life with a new boyfriend, Viktor Popov. In addition to Isaeva and Popov herself, Habib appeared at the shooting. He returned his son to Valentina and immediately attacked Victor with his fists. The audience was confident that one of the most famous families in Russia really collapsed.

Where is truth and where is lie

A few months later, Valentina Isaeva shocked everyone with yet another news. In 2018, Isaeva told the press that she still lives with Patakhonov. Moreover, the couple are waiting for the third child. According to Valentina, she never had a close relationship with Viktor Popov. Allegedly the man was invited to the show administrators. According to the scenario, Popov was supposed to play the role of Isaeva's lover. Upon learning of this before the air, Valentina wanted to refuse to participate in the shooting, but by that time had already signed the contract and had no right to violate it. In addition, for a long time, the family budget of Isaeva and Patakhonov was replenished exclusively by such programs.

Valentina tried to work as a salesperson in a store, but jealous Habib beat her, suspecting of infidelity. The man decided that his wife is working nowhere, but simply walks. And this, according to Isaeva, turned out to be the only truth that sounded in the above-mentioned TV show.

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