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Can You Guess The Song By The Emojis? The song still works and the message of finding your own uniqueness and being your own mutation is still relevant. In this world of drones and robots and corporate jobs, people don’t get much encouragement to be the something new that only each one of us can be. You’re bound for glory all on your own one day. The wisdoms inherent in our own DNA are our real power, and we won’t be goaded into war by feudal system racketeers who can outgun us. I wrote new words to the Alabama3 classic, and they lent me samples from their original recording. I re-wrote some of the words, turned it into an anti-war song.

Strange: we seem so different musically and personally, but we’re mutual fans and I love the cross-pollination in the song. Growing and changing is the key to survival and happiness. I wrote new verses to this old hippy campfire song. It encapsulates my own philosophy of Life: that we’re all ripening, all the time everywhere, and that’s good. You’re incapable of love, and I’m not going to worry about it. Singing hard like this is only possible with a great band, and we took the feel from my original recording with Norbert Putnam and his Area Code 615 players, and Glen Spreen’s horn arrangement.

The song still only has two chords! A lullaby and a love song for Native America. I dedicate it to all the generations of Indigenous people who keep Native America alive in our hearts, in our cultures, and in our actions towards our most sacred mother, Nature. Ke sakihitin awasis means I love you Baby in Cree. I found this song in my head when I was just fooling around with my guitar.

The pros and cons of Indigenous wonders are beyond what the merchants are trying to sell and the bankers are trying to steal. I wrote this when NASA was sending the guy to the moon and I was trying to get to the Rosebud Sioux reservation. I never forgot it, and it showed up in this song amidst a cast of characters that also includes Idle No More, Mother Earth and even those darn bankers. And Mother Earth keeps on giving while we’re ripening. And they will dream the dream my Mother sends to them. We’re done with colonial control and we rejoice in our own cultures.

I modified the words of UB40’s original great anti-apartheid song. For what you do in God’s name. No matter how far apart we are, we can look up and see the same stars. This is Jack Nitzsche’s beautiful love theme from the movie Revenge, and my words. But if I had just one wish I’d wish for now.

Every day I look for you. You are gone but in my heart I see you still. And of all my dreams come true the best is now. Do you see those three in the sky that shine so bright? When I’m far away I know they’ll light your night.

A true story from within the American Indian movement. I dedicate it to the family of the late Anna Mae Aquash whom I mention in both songs. What did you say about uranium? She come to see me one day I was living in a little place in L. Humans are vulnerable, governments come and go, and Nature is sacred, so take care of your link with Life and thrive. Not sure how I got so lucky as to find it in my head, but it stabilizes me and inspires me no matter what else is going on. Hey, click the icon to check the status of your contributions.

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