What are the main needs of children


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The younger generation has its own list of needs that parents should satisfy.

1. New knowledge. They are curious and receptive, therefore, cultivate in them a natural curiosity that broadens the mind.

2. Faith. Even if you are atheists or agnostics, do not impose your beliefs on the child. According to psychologists, every person is born with the need for God.

3. Attention. Through your attention, he feels his importance in your eyes.

4. Security. This need is necessary to avoid phobias.

5. Recognition. The child acquires faith in herself first in the family, and only then in society.

6. Discipline. One has only to spend time on learning, and in the future the child’s life will become much more organized.

7. Love. Children are happy when they feel the love of their parents. And if they did not manage to get this feeling to their side, then in adulthood it will be difficult for them to fall in love with another person.

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