What books to read to children up to 4 years


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Reading books will allow the kid to grow much more intellectually developed than his peers, who grew up under the TV.

Each age has its own stories that will be clear and interesting. Therefore, it is important for parents to choose books that are suitable for the child’s age. It is very important to understand the features of your children. So, reading some fairy tales at too early ages can cause phobias, nightmares and discourage any desire to read.

Children begin to understand it even before they learn to speak, especially with regard to vocabulary used in everyday life. He relates what he sees to what he hears. Picture books are great for little kids so they can see what you are reading about.

A good choice will be folk tales about animals: "Teremok", "Ryaba Chicken", "Turnip", "Kolobok". You can add Agnia Barto's poems for kids, some works by Chukovsky and Suteev. Also fit the Russian folk podeshki. Filmstrips and a projector will be a good acquisition for young parents – they do not have such a bad effect on the eyes as TV.

It is very important to read books only with a good end, so that the child has an idea of ​​the world as a stable organization, so that the baby does not worry.

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