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Crown History: Why does the Queen what does parenting mean a crown? GR and ER Post Box: What does it mean?

If you live in the United Kingdom or have recently visited, you may have noticed that British red post boxes have some writing on them. What is the meaning of these letters on the postboxes? On many postboxes, the clue to the meaning of these letters is on the postbox itself because you’ll often find these letters seen right next to a crown. King or Queen that was the monarch at the time when the postbox was erected. To know the exact monarch the postbox is honoring, have a look at the accompanying numbers. ER it indicates the postbox was installed in the era of Elizabeth II rather than in Edwardian times.

Although GR and ER postboxes are perhaps the most commonly seen post boxes, you may also spot a VR on occasion. 10 Responses to GR and ER Post Box: What does it mean? I found this post, because a friend had visited recently and wondered about this on her blog. You forgot to mention that post boxes in Scotland don’t have ll after ER as she is not the second but the first Elizabeth. Actually even though Elizabeth II is the first Elizabeth in Scotland there are plenty of ERII postboxes about. I believe there was a movement for her to change her number in Scotland but it wasn’t taken up by her. ERII has a different crown than GR above her cypher too which I hadn’t noticed before!