What is useful for the “crazy" behavior of adolescents: the opinion of psychologists




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Scientists are convinced that the lack of self-control in adolescence is not exclusively human quality and bad.

According to experts, this is an important stage in the development of the brain of all primates.

It turns out that impulsiveness in adolescents is not just a popular stereotype, it is primarily biology.

In humans, like any primates, various transformations occur in the brain, especially in areas that affect self-control.

It is very difficult for a man, like a monkey, to maintain composure, since he does not know how to behave, especially undergoes puberty and there are problems in stopping aggressive impulses.

However, experts argue that such behavior is not bad. The fact is that the child is thus trying to understand the world, to create a template according to which the brain will work in adulthood.

Adolescent life is a time of cognition, and most importantly, do not interfere with the child at this moment.

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