What not to say to girls: tips for moms


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Girls are more sensitive in nature, so it’s worth more carefully choosing words in conversation with them.

Any criticism can be interpreted incorrectly and lead to numerous complexes.

Psychologists strongly recommend excluding the following phrases from the parents' vocabulary in relation to their daughters:

1. "Do not eat so much, you are so full!" Girls are very sensitive to everything related to their appearance. Speaking directly about their excess weight, you can make so that the child finally closes in itself, hating his body. Be tactful, and even better – get involved in sports and stick to the principles of proper nutrition in your home. Such an approach will definitely benefit all family members.

2. "All girls should be able to be painted." In modern realities, this setting is a bit outdated: in order to be beautiful and successful, a woman is not at all obliged to apply makeup. To be beautiful or not is her personal choice. Hinting at the fact that a girl owes something to someone, you can give her absolutely wrong life attitudes.

3. "Dress the way it befits a girl." Another wrong installation. The child must understand that you love her, not because she is “properly” dressed, but because she is your daughter. Do not accustom the girl to judge people on the basis of how they are dressed.

4. "You act like a boy." Very often girls are discriminated against on the basis of gender: for her, all "boyish" hobbies and entertainment are prohibited. If the daughter wants to play football or wants to learn how to shoot a pistol – let him! Do not take away her right to self-realization.

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