What should a child under 10 know


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In the child's upbringing, the time factor plays a key role: some things are important to learn at a certain age.

Experts identified 9 things that children up to 10 years old need to know:

1. You will love the child under any circumstances. It is important that the baby understands the absoluteness of your feelings: often a lot of mistakes are made precisely because the child is not sure of your love.

2. Respect. In order for the child to understand what respect is, you should vividly illustrate it with your example: treat others with dignity.

3. Let me say no. It is not necessary to raise a child reliable, in all agree with adults. If he didn’t want to share something, let him defend his interests.

4. The ability to share. It is not only about some tangible values ​​(sweets, toys), but also about knowledge. Also support your example: tie the laces to the neighbor boy, tell an interesting story to your child’s friends, etc.

5. Lack of loneliness. It is important for a child to understand and feel that he is not alone, that he is always important to you. Try to spend more time with him: joint trips to the cinema, cafe, park. You can also do some business or play together.

6. Each is individual. Do not set unattainable goals for children and do not demand from him to be successful in all areas. It is better to inform that each person has his own unique talent.

7. Proper nutrition. Let a good habit be developed from childhood: you should not accustom the child to fast food, soda and other junk food. Children need a balanced diet for their harmonious development.

8. Limit the time of gadgets. Unfortunately, many parents themselves teach children to smartphones, tablets and other devices. When mom and dad do not want to devote time to children, they shift their functions to technology. Is it any wonder then that the baby cannot be torn away from computer toys?

9. Sports. Physical activity is no less important than intellectual activity and proper nutrition: make a child's schedule so that he can allocate time for training or do exercises together.

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