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In general, various children's problems each child overdoses or simply outgrows them, as they become irrelevant as they grow up. But with the fears, the situation is somewhat different. When fears grow with the child – this is a very common phenomenon and this can lead to sad consequences.

Fearing a child is, on the one hand, good, and on the other, bad. It is good that a child who has fears is adequately able to assess a dangerous situation. If children had no fears, they would simply become uncontrollable and would harm themselves. In such a situation, parents would have to worry very much for the life of their child, because he would not feel the limits of danger. In this case, a slightly fearful child is very good, less worry for parents, and dangers for the child himself, because this feeling of fear protects him. On the other hand, the line between the normal degree of fearfulness and unreasonable, pathological fear is very thin and often we do not notice how our children go over it and their fears become frightening, later their imaginations develop and their fears develop.

Often the presence of fear prevents the child from living. For example, the fear of failure or the fear of trying your hand at something new develops an inferiority complex in a child, uncertainty, and all this leads to its future lack of realization in adult life. Also, fears often lead to various mental disorders, excessive suspicion, nervous ticks and even more serious mental illnesses (for example, schizophrenia). Nervous disorders will not allow the child to live a normal life. Usually such children cease to find a common language with others, they become nervous and irritable, they react aggressively to almost everything. Of course, this must be treated and must be dealt with. But it is best to prevent such a development of events, although this often becomes problematic.

The main problem in ridding children of fears is that the parents most often do not even suspect the presence of the child, that is, they do not even suspect the existence of the problem. And sometimes it is the parents or their parenting methods that become the root cause of the fears of the child. Therefore, you should carefully monitor what you are doing in the presence of children and how you educate them. And if you notice something disturbing you, you should immediately sort it out and not postpone it for later.



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