What to do if the child got into bad company


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Each parent wishes his child only the best: a decent life, an adequate level of education, and good friends.

Some parents are faced with such a situation: children become withdrawn, stop trusting adults, do not acquaint themselves with their friends, and generally leave this topic. Such signs suggest suspicions that the child might not be in touch with the wrong people. However, do not be alarmed if new friends like to sing songs with a guitar and look different than other people. It is necessary to start acting if: the child began to skip school, may not sleep at home, come with the smell of smoke and cigarettes. Then there really are signs of a bad environment.

Why does the child voluntarily choose such friends? We list the main reasons.

1. Lack of attention

When a child believes that his parents have ceased to give him a sufficient amount of attention, he can choose his own shocking environment just for you.

2. Feeling of protest

If a child does not want to hear your arguments, or you can’t properly convey your position to him, he may end up in bad company to prove his point of view and demonstrate personal autonomy, independence in his judgments.

3. Revenge

All people make mistakes. Sometimes the parents, who did not understand a situation, immediately blamed the child, reprimanded and punished. Children take offense at this, and out of a sense of revenge, they spend time not with the best representatives of society to annoy adults.

4. Transfer of emotions

If children have certain problems in some area of ​​life, they are looking for a place where they can be taken regardless of their failures.

What should parents do to save the child from the influence of bad guys? The first step in dealing with this situation should be self-recognition: no one attracted him there by force. He made his personal choice. The next prohibitions or punishments you will not return it. There is a high probability that he can completely cease to perceive you as an authority. Do not hurry. Look at the situation through his eyes. Offer him a decent alternative and let him know that he is an important part of your life.

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