What to give the boy for 5 years


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It is sometimes difficult for an adult to find a gift for a child.

The following options will delight the boys:

Constructor. Helps to develop attentiveness, concentration;

Swimming set. This sport will help in the development of physical qualities and in general will improve the health of the child;

Roller Skates. Do not be afraid that this is discarded money – as a rule, all models provide for the rapid growth of the child;

Filmstrip or projector. This will not only be interesting to the child, but will also be able to teach to watch high-quality Soviet cartoons;

Robot. This will not only be a dream come true, but your son will also get a reliable friend in the face of the toy.

Also among the interesting gifts I would like to mention the following: railway, audio books, a tablet for drawing water and radio-controlled cars.

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