What you need to teach a child to school & nbsp


What you need to teach a child to school amp

Before sending a son or daughter to first grade, make sure your baby is ready for this. WomanHit.ru tells about the main points
Until the child goes to the first class, he spends all his time either with you, the parents, or in kindergarten, where, frankly speaking, there are no strict requirements for children except the daily routine. But with the entry into the first grade, the situation changes dramatically, and it is quite difficult for the child to adapt to the new environment. Your task is to help him survive this process as painfully as possible. We picked up a few tips to help your preschool children quickly adapt to the new environment.

Important to play by the rules

From a very early age, a person knows life through play. It is on how well a child can play that his continued success depends. Seriously. While playing, children present themselves in different situations, live them, which later will smoothly flow into completely adult situations. For example, any team games help a child understand how to act in a team, he learns the rules and that they cannot be broken.
Board and sports games develop logic, speed of thinking and physical form, respectively. Particularly well in this regard, sports with rigid rules, the violation of which entails the loss of the whole team.

Learn when a child has a birthday

The point is not to proudly state at every step that he has a birthday, and to demand congratulations and gifts. No, the idea is simpler – to teach a child to navigate in space and time. This will help not only to organize the educational process, but also be useful when the class begins to study the exact sciences.

Tie shoelaces

On the issue of fine motor skills. You probably know that how well a child obeys hands depends on his speech. Therefore, take care of this issue before the school.

Do not be afraid to ask questions

Children always ask questions, however, the older they get, the more often they hear from adults "you are already big (th), it's time to look for an answer yourself." Thus, the child no longer wants to ask anything, because he is afraid in advance that he will not be helped. The kid should understand that almost any obstacle can be overcome just by asking.

What is important to learn a child who has already gone or is going to go to school in the near future

No need to match all

A class in a regular school, as a rule, consists of children of different social status and wealth. Your child will hear more than once how someone returned from a trip abroad or what a cool phone they gave him for his birthday. Explain that it doesn’t matter where you spent your holidays: be it Spain or grandma's cottage. The main thing is that he spent them surrounded by relatives.

Ratings are not the meaning of life

This is the fault of many parents, especially young and those who themselves were excellent students in their childhood. They are not frightened either by children's tears or by the instructions of the teachers that they act, to put it mildly, incorrectly and injure the psyche of the child.

Such parents can be advised not to press on a child with homework in mathematics, especially if there are successes in other subjects to which the child has inclinations.

Let him tell everything

A child should not keep silent if he has any problems with classmates or with teachers. Your baby should know that you always support him and stand on his side. Do not make fun of his dreams, which he shares with you, otherwise the child will withdraw into himself and cease to trust you.

No one is perfect, even you

Children, more often younger, are pampered and encouraged more. In such an environment, the child feels that the world revolves around him, and does not make any emotional effort to respond with gratitude. Do not expect him to appreciate your “blind” love: you only make yourself worse and, first of all, your child, because in the future they will be “broken off”.

Mistakes do not talk about your mental abilities.

Children, especially those who are raised in an atmosphere of tough competition (for example, from an early age, a child participates in various activities, engages in a sports section, in a creative studio, in general, where results are required), losses and failures are given oh so hard. This is a tragedy. And if for an adult such a situation is a signal to reconsider something in their actions, then the child instantly becomes disillusioned with himself, because so many people hoped for him. The same thing happens with school subjects: as soon as a child gets a reprimand or a bad grade, he starts to blame himself unnecessarily. Again, make it clear that you are always ready to help and that there is no such thing that cannot be mastered.

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