Why children need to be protected from stress: psychologists explained


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Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania conducted an experiment that demonstrated: the stress that a person experienced in childhood has a connection with abnormal brain development, as well as early puberty and numerous mental disorders.

Many psychologists believe that children should be protected from any violence and stress, because the fate of such children can end in disrepair.

If they do not ruin someone's life, then they will definitely do it with their own – not on purpose, but because from childhood they will accumulate the basis for the development of a serious mental disorder.

Most often, people who are faced with the constant stresses of any nature, in adulthood, face chronic depression, anxiety and psychosis.

Academics conducted an experiment in which 9,498 people took part, ranging in age from 8 to 21 years.

According to the study, the subjects who lived in poverty and were subjected to various stressful situations had a high level of development of mental symptoms: anxiety, phobias, oppositional defiant behavior disorder, ADHD and psychosis.

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