Why do grandchildren listen to grandmothers? TOP 5 valid reproaches


Why do grandchildren listen to grandmothers TOP 5 valid reproaches


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Old people's tips are the first to google. Wisdom is always in value.

When we grow up, we increasingly recall the predictions of our ancestors. How ridiculous to realize at 30 or 40 years old that grandmother was right. Yes, but it is no longer alive. What are the most powerful tips have helped in the lives of many people.

1. "Who gets up early – that God gives!"

The most common saying of adults. Owl mode will seem stupid to anyone who is likely to marry or get married. There will be no time to sleep. And do not want to, when you need to feed the family.

Youth seems minute pleasure. After all, the best meat pruning comes in the morning, and the most prestigious jobs – in the afternoon. It is difficult to make time for children and loved ones, especially for yourself. Even trips to beauty salons, domestic staff and personal car will never compensate for the lack of time.

2. "Need to save!"

Here grandmother rights to all 100! This also comes with age. As long as a person depends on his parents, it seems strange to him to hear reproaches about water, light, gas or sunflower oil.

As soon as he crosses the threshold of family life, he will start searching on the Internet how to reduce utility bills, reduce the expenditure of money and food. Otherwise, the child does not save up a new purse for his wife or a toy. The more quadrature of the house, the harder it is to keep it. The poor and the rich save everything. That is why grandma turns off the light.

3. “Marry not attack. If only for the husband not to be gone! "

Every granddaughter will come in tears sooner or later. A callous grandmother will not comfort the bitter tears of unhappy love. It will seem very offensive at such a vulnerable age.

In fact, an adult person looks at the situation in a practical way. You can get married at any age, but finding a decent guy without “pitfalls” is difficult! Even successful beautiful women. That's because most men hide greed, lust, self-interest, flattery and selfishness behind the compliments.

4. "You can not watch and listen to nonsense!"

This is a very heated relationship. "Do not listen to loud music, do not turn on stupid movies!" And so it goes on to say grandmother.

Surprisingly, the indignations of the grandmother seem logical in 25 years! There will be a desire to change the repertoire to a more peaceful one, and the films' plots – from useless to sensible.

Past hobbies fashionable clips, fiction and computer games will be "informational garbage", clogging up the brain disk space. Discos are a thing of the past, and headphones and speakers are in a dusty box.

5. "You can not communicate with strangers!"

And it’s good if a scammer or thief gets caught at a young age. A toy will be stolen. This will have a lesson for life. Spontaneous trust – assistant crime.

Unfortunately, even adult children often cannot save older parents from the typical “Tell me, son, how to get to the subway?”. The “good guide” can be a real ill-wisher and use the trust of a good person.

Take care of your elders! Appreciate wisdom!

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