Why does a child have a bad appetite?


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When children stop eating normally, it immediately causes anxiety among parents.

Doctors told about the main reasons why a child may have an appetite disorder:

1. State of health. The sharp loss of interest in food, especially in the one that was previously considered to be food, should alert the attentive parent: most likely, some kind of failure occurred in the body’s work. It is better to consult a doctor who will prescribe an examination.

2. The way the dish looks. Children are not particularly attracted by wholesome food that looks unattractive. The appearance of the meal is an important component in the ritual of organizing children's meals.

3. Lack of diversity. Even an adult may get tired of eating the same thing every day. Try to make the child's diet more interesting, alternate dishes.

4. Dense snacks. When a child, as they say, "knocked down the appetite," it will be very difficult to persuade him to dine. Pay attention to what and in what quantity your child eats in the break between the main meals.

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