Why give birth: 7 reasons why women do not want to have children


Why give birth 7 reasons why women do not want


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By the appearance of offspring, not all of the fair sex are positive. Many do not want to have children with their own reasons.

Of course, there are girls who dream of a child, but who do not have the opportunity to conceive, to give birth due to health problems. There are plenty of such ladies too.

Why women do not want to give birth:

1. No moral readiness.

It seems that quite recently I had to attend school, then a university, but now I want to devote more time to myself, spend time with friends, and the kid does not fit into the daily schedule of a modern girl.

2. Great responsibility.

A dog or cat can be given to acquaintances, to a shelter, if any difficulties arise in the care, the child is forever. From the moment of its appearance, life completely changes, and first of all it is necessary to think not of oneself, but of a little man.

3. Financial difficulties.

Everyone knows that children are expensive and costly for many years. Most young mothers can not afford to dress fashionably, buying expensive things, update wardrobe every season. After the birth of the crumbs, most of the income will go to his wardrobe, care products, toys, food.

4. There is no worthy man nearby.

A woman needs a reliable person nearby who can take care of her family. This is especially necessary in the first years of a baby’s life, when a young mother devotes her free time to the crumbs, is not able to pursue a career and look for ways to make money.

5. Understanding that life will change dramatically.

This is scary, because there will no longer be an opportunity to sleep peacefully until lunchtime at the weekend, you will not be able to get together sharply and go on a journey. Girls do not want to give birth, realizing how much they have to become patient. Young children often cry, sleep badly at night, eat every couple of hours. In addition, the baby needs to be breastfed, as there is no better nutrition than mother's milk.

6. Fear of childbirth, pregnancy.

The gestation period is quite long and lasts almost 10 months. At this time, you need to pay special attention to your health, to give up bad habits. Pain during childbirth is compared only with the intensity of the renal colic, and this is scary. Depression can begin after childbirth, and only close people can help.

7. Have to sacrifice a career.

If at work the situation is good, there is a gradual advancement on the career ladder, then the pregnancy can eliminate all efforts. Then you have to start all over again after quitting maternity leave.

You can have a child not at 25, but closer to 40 years old. So do in most civilized countries. It is not necessary to give birth to 2 or 3 children, it can be limited to one descendant. And with relatives who insist on the earliest appearance of the baby, it does not hurt to seriously talk, asking not to touch on this topic in the coming years.

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