Woman gave birth live on YouTube & nbsp


Woman gave birth live on YouTube amp nbsp

Kare Baker is 28 years old and lives in Missouri, USA with her husband and four children.


An American confessed that the birth at the hospital greatly injured her. In addition, Cara was confused by the cost of delivery. She did not want to pay a bill of $ 40 thousand and decided to give birth to a fourth child at home with her husband.
“Everything that happened in the hospital was done for the sake of money, and not for the sake of my child,” the woman said.
The woman studied a lot of materials about home birth, and felt so calm that she went to the store an hour before the birth:
"The midwife, who helped me, said that this is the most elegant birth that she saw."

A woman decided to give birth to her fourth child in water, live on Youtube. Thus, the woman wanted to destroy the taboos around home birth. Husband supported Kara.


Everything went great – Cara gave birth to a healthy girl in just 35 minutes.
Throughout the pregnancy, the woman ate well and avoided stress. Kara hopes that her act will change the opinion of women about home deliveries, and they will no longer be afraid of this:

"Childbirth is what we were created for; it is truly a gift."

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