Women who wish to become pregnant are not recommended to work – doctors


Women who wish to become pregnant are not recommended to


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Doctors said that the work affects the ability of a woman to conceive a child.

Many women in the modern world have difficulty conceiving a child. Despite the fact that there are no specific pathologies of the reproductive system, the desired pregnancy does not occur.

Scientists at the University of the United States conducted studies that examined the relationship between working conditions and the possibility of having children. So, it turned out that this largely determines infertility in women.

It turned out that those women who have had more comfortable working conditions, it is much easier to get pregnant. Whereas a more problematic situation with conception was traced among those women who were fully devoted to work, constantly experiencing fatigue. Thus, experts recommended women to be more attentive to their condition, and in case they want to get pregnant, they postpone work somewhat, paying attention to an important process.

Those women who are engaged in the household and do not work, as a rule, become pregnant after several attempts.

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