Young preschool activities

A preschool math curriculum should be taught using preschool lessons including interactive activities, young preschool activities games, printable worksheets, assessments, and reinforcement. Manipulatives are very important for preschool math lessons.

Preschool math lessons, worksheets, and activities teach preschool math curriculum covering all the math strands. These very young children learn through stories, songs, rhymes, finger-plays, and other creative methods that make preschool math fun for them. What are the Standards and Curriculum? Time4Learning’s preschool website teaches a comprehensive preschool math curriculum using fun, preschool math activities and preschool math worksheets to build a solid math foundation. Number Sense and Operations Preschool math includes recognition of numerals from 0 to 10. At this age children are learning to differentiate numerals from other symbols. Preschool children learn to count forward in sequence from 0 to at least 10.

Pointing to a corresponding numeral while singing songs or reciting rhymes can help preschool math students with numeral recognition. Other activities that help with numeral recognition are calendar usage, counting independently, and creating groups of objects. Preschool math worksheets are linked to the relevant preschool math activity. Measurement Preschool math students learn to identify and compare objects by size.

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