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But what should you buy and where do you look? Collecting vintage has become an international pastime, but while sales of retro clothing are booming as never before, shoes have youth jordan shoes cheap largely overlooked. In recent years, footwear designers have brought out collections inspired by masters of the past, and fashion icons such as Kate Moss have been photographed in vintage footwear, sparking frenzied interest in the originals. In the early 2000s, Miu Miu produced a collection paying homage to Terry de Havilland’s Seventies’ platforms, leading to a resurrection of the shoe designer’s career.

Now, de Havilland’s gorgeous pop-art python-skin heels regularly sell for high prices at auction. Original vintage shoes by top designers such as Roger Vivier, Beth Levine and Andre Perugia are also becoming sought-after, hunted down by collectors from London to LA. Yet vintage shoes are in general still cheap compared with other items of clothing: you can pick up a pair of Chanel shoes for a fraction of the price of a blouse or a belt. There are still plenty of retro shoes available, many of them by iconic designers, for relatively little money.

So, if you’re fascinated by one-offs with a history, now is the time to start ferreting out beautiful vintage shoes, which are are still often undervalued. Famed for the quality of his craftsmanship, as well as for the extravagance of his designs, Salvatore Ferragamo imbued stilettos with his own brand of Italian glamour. His heels became synonymous with the sex appeal of La Dolce Vita for a whole generation of Hollywood stars such as Marilyn Monroe, who owned 40 pairs. From 1956, stilettos became much higher after the Italians started to strengthen plastic heels by running an aluminium spigot down the shaft. Perhaps the most famous pair of Ferragamos were the scarlet satin rhinestone-studded stilettos that became fused into our collective consciousness after their starring role in the 1953 film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. They’re beautifully made and offer an instant, authentic passport to the glamour of a golden Hollywood age.