YouTube drawing children

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At first, he recorded gaming videos usually revolved around CoD on the channel, however in 2010 he forgot the password and later remembered it in January 2012, in which he deleted the original videos. Pewdie channel, 12,500,000 views and 14 newer videos on it. Pewdiepie would start to gain media attention in 2012 as he uploaded videos of his dark humor and likable reactions to computer games, horror games however really boosted his subscriber growth. Then after several hours, on December 9, he reclaimed the title once again but three days later, reclaiming it on December 22 of that year. He gained the second most amount of subscribers in 2012, jumping from slighly under 100,000 to 3.

Pewdiepie has also had clothing lines such as Backpacks. He also made a book in October 2015 called “This Book Loves You”. He has transitioned more in to vlogging and other internet topics than gaming these days. Felix was born in Gothenburg, Sweden. He currently resides in Brighton, United Kingdom.

Felix explains more of his personal and early life in his Draw My Life video. Felix made a video where he shows his family. He made it on his birthday, October 24, 2014. Felix’s mother’s name is Johanna Kjellberg.